Bible Lessons Without the Boundaries

The GameChanger Bible Series website was designed as a supplement for those who crave more than what you'll experience at your average church or hear from your average preacher.

What makes us different is the lessons we teach and the manner in which we approach God's Word. Scripture teaches that we're to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and not just the New Testament; we must therefore adopt the view that the Bible is ONE book with two major sections and NOT two books under one cover (Dt. 8:3; Mt. 4:4). Thus our goal is to re-acquaint God's people with the fundamental truths of the Old so that the New can be fully appreciated. The inevitable result will be a deep abiding faith and an end to confusion.

So be encouraged. You can know the Word of the Lord and you can know it very well - and this you can do without having to go to seminary or know any Hebrew and Greek - the source languages from which our English (and all other) Bibles are translated. Remember: the Bible is a simple book. It has to be; it's for us...    


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