GameChanger Bible Series

The purpose of the GameChanger Bible Series is to help its participants become "fishers of men."  This means much more than being saved and sharing the gospel; it means becoming a disciplined student of God's Word, both in its study and application.

To accomplish this, a series of lessons has been developed to equip our participants with a solid doctrinal foundation. The current curriculum covers 10 topics over a 13-15 week period. They include:

1 - The Miraculous Catch of Fish

2 - The Bible Versions

3 - How to Study the Bible

4 - Understanding the Mosaic Law

5 - The Tabernacle

6 - The Sacrifices of Leviticus

7 - Blood Covenant

8 - The New Testament Church

9 - Tithing

10 - Random (story, parable, special topic or request)

*order subject to change

These lessons are available below. We hope to have the full series completed soon, and will of course add them as they become available. All of these and much more can be found under our Bible Lessons tab. To learn more, simply click on the subject tab(s) below. A brief overview of each topic will be provided along with links to its lessons. Thank you for joining us!

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